How to find your Activity Score on Empire Avenue

  To find your “Activity Score” on the social stock market Empire Avenue, the score by which you’re ranked among other people on your current index, simply open your My Profile page: Then click the name of your current index (as seen above). You will then be presented with a pop-up window that shows your current Activity Score (below)! Have any other handy Empire Avenue tips? Feel free to share them in the comments.

SQL Mirror stuck Synchronizing after failover

I recently failed over my primary SQL database to it’s copy on the mirror SQL server. This part worked well, however when I went to fail back the database displayed “Primary / Synchronizing …” In this state it’s impossible to failover. When looking into this further I checked the Mirror Monitoring tool in SQL and saw that there were 0KB of logs left to synchronize. In order to repair the issue, I had a developer commit some minor changes to the database.

AT&T Customer Service Phone Number


If you’re like me, following today’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” conference from Apple where the iPhone 4S was announced, you may or may not have had some “questions” for AT&T customer service regarding your account and upgrade eligibility.  Unfortunately, AT&T makes it unnecessarily complicated to look up their customer service telephone number.  So, to save you some time, here it is:

List of Apple iPhone Live Blogs [Meta List]

  Since Apple has announced that they won’t be streaming video of their “Let’s Talk iPhone” conference today at 1pm EST, I’ve put together a list of places you can go to keep up on the conference via Live Blogs. a.k.a. froth at the mouth via text. Mashable TechCrunch Gdgt Gizmodo Engadget Macrumors Washington Post CNET TUAW Ars Technica Wired Yahoo! News Wall Street Journal Have some more Live Blogs you’d like to add?

Macbook Air Backlit Keyboard Disabled

  When pressing F6 to increase the keyboard backlight brightness, you may receive the below image indicating that you cannot increase the backlight brightness: This is actually a power saving feature! To disable this, open System Preferences -> Keyboard

How to hide Facebook’s new sidebar


Don’t like the new Facebook’s infamous new sidebar/live news feed?  Easily hide it by…

How to vote in Art Prize

  Have a favorite piece of Art in Grand Rapids’ Art Prize? Not sure how to cast a vote? You’re in luck, there’s a variety of options this year! Check it out: How to vote You decide who wins ArtPrize®. We think that’s pretty exciting. Week 1 – All ArtistsVoters can vote up or vote down on any artist (only one vote per artist). Week 2 – The Top 10Voters have ONE vote (no down votes) to cast for one of the Top 10.

Installation of Google Sitemap Generator fails on Windows 2008R2 with Error 1603

I was attempting to install the Google Sitemap Generator on my new 2008R2 server to match the configuration of some 2008 machines I was migrating away from. Unfortunately, I got an error saying that a piece of software in the installation failed to install, and error 1603 is stored in the application event log. In this case, I set the compatibility mode to “previous versions of windows” and reinstalled. The software installed fine.

Prevent sleep on any MacBook running OSX Lion

  On MacBooks, it is default (and unchangeable) behavior for the laptop to Sleep when the lid is closed. This is because of the way Apple has engineered the MacBook line’s cooling and ventilation system. They are simply not meant to run with the lid closed. Doing so risks damaging your LCD and other internal components. That said, use this utility at your own risk. I know I am. :)

Outlook 2010 not storing autocomplete addresses

  If Outlook 2010 is not storing your autocomplete address whenever you close and reopen Outlook, follow these steps: ·Close Outlook ·Navigate to %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and rename or delete the RoamCache folder ·Click Start, Run and enter: outlook.exe \cleanautocompletecache ·Close Outlook ·Open the Control Panel and select the Mail option ·Click Show Profiles and confirm what your Outlook profile’s name is ·Navigate to %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and rename the .NK2 file to match your profile
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